Doctors and Jobs

Changing my doctor has led me to two visits to give blood within a week, an upcoming colonoscopy, an ultra sound at the end of the month, and a ban on wine for the next month. The latter makes me wonder why I’m trying to wean off the anti-depressants they started me on when I became unemployed. 

For some unknown reason, whenever anyone applies for a butler job they have to undergo a credit check. Which is okay if you’ve been in the same job for twenty years and looked after your credit, although the credit validators are far from pure. However, when you’ve been unemployed, had to use your 401k to pay rent, and missed a couple of payments here and there, your credit gets shot. I do object though to people assuming that because you have no credit that it means you are dishonest. But that’s what happens. You have absolutely no money, you’re paying $2,000 a month healthcare for your ailing mother-in-law, so all the bills can’t be paid on time sometime. They do get paid eventually, but how on earth can you pay with nothing? An agency called me today about a job, so rather than they or prospective employers doing a credit check on me, I told them I didn’t have any credit so don’t waste your money or your time in conducting one. I already know what it will say. So because I’m honest and told them, do you think they will do one anyway and then say I’m dishonest? I think it’s ridiculous. Virtually everyone who is out of work has bad credit but they want a job to change it. So I say don’t do credit checks on people, it’s not fair. Feel free to do a criminal check though, and a background check, and a legal to work check.

Give the unemployed a chance!


About petercbradbury

I am a former Butler from Manchester, England and now living in California with my wife Debbie and dog Niner. Now writing novels part time, my main concern is making my books enjoyable and entertaining.
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4 Responses to Doctors and Jobs

  1. Good thing you are married. I recently heard credit score was a determining factor in choosing someone to be in a relationship with. We live in a very weird time.

  2. dalanknight says:

    Honesty is never rewarded. The idea that honesty works went out with the introduction of ‘Human Resources’ departments. Thanks to playing ‘Asok the Intern’ games using my Dale Carnegie skills, I have had the opportunity to see this question answered in State Govt, Big Corps, Crony Corps, and Non-profits.

    As near as I can tell the fault lies with the media. So long as your story fits the mainstream narrative, it has a high chance of being well received. If it’s deceptive, falsifiable, or impossible or improbable on its face; no problem. On the other hand any story, true or not, will not be believed if it runs counter to the prejudices of the pinheads making the calls.

    Not that these people are evil or malicious deliberately, but they simply swallow what they’re told to believe and the rest of us just endure it.

    Note – I met a number of HR types who went through unemployment themselves in 2008-09. The experience was a real eye-opener for many of them. Often they were shocked themselves at how the system works.

    Just sayin…

    Thanks for letting my use your combox Peter. Feel free to use mine.

  3. I so agree! With the economy the way it is, we all have some sort of financial problems. And if we can’t get a job, because of our credit history, how are we supposed to pay our bills? It’s the same way when a person has no experience. How are they supposed to gain experience when no one will take a chance on them? Good post!

  4. I truly appreciate this post. I have been looking all over
    for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing.

    You’ve made my day! Thx again

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