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Unpaid unemployed, broken foot

I think you all may know by now that I’m long term unemployed, and also unpaid. It helps the statistics that as I’m not paid anymore, I’m officially not unemployed. Something wrong with that scenario. This would be okay except … Continue reading

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Football, book reviews and give aways, gun politicians.

First things first. My lifelong football (soccer) team in England have just become the champions of the EPL for the 20th time! On seeing a banner at one of the games, that said “One Love, Man Utd”, the wife said … Continue reading

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Consequences, new book, bullies, and golf

The new book I’m working on, which is very upsetting, is coming along and now that I’ve passed the half way mark, it’s all downhill. Meanwhile, Consequences is about to be released, which is about one man’s quest to banish … Continue reading

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First three chapters of Consequences

CHAPTER 1         James had been festering for years, building his list and preparing himself physically and mentally for all the wrongs done to him during his thirty years. He was ready now to exact his revenge. … Continue reading

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Entertainment Industry and Politicians

Although I believe writers, especially fiction writers, to be in the entertainment business, I don’t think I made the right choice when I was younger to actually work for a living. I should have gone to actor school, or learned … Continue reading

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