Entertainment Industry and Politicians

Although I believe writers, especially fiction writers, to be in the entertainment business, I don’t think I made the right choice when I was younger to actually work for a living. I should have gone to actor school, or learned to play guitar or something. I know that this doesn’t apply to all actors and musicians, but in what other industry do they forgive criminals so easily? It’s almost like a badge of honor to be arrested and have your mug shot shown on prime time television. You can steal, crash your car while drunk, be caught with drugs, assault photographers who you knew beforehand would be waiting outside the club you chose to go to, and still have a job. Even after going to rehab for a couple of days instead of the weeks you were supposed to and returning to the drug habit or booze, you still have a career. Your colleagues are all sympathetic to your self induced plight and fall over themselves to praise your non efforts to recover. You can even disregard what a court has instructed you to do, knowing full well that you will escape prison because you’re a celebrity. If I had ever done anything wrong, my job would have gone forever. I can’t get a job now because I have no credit, and my unemployment insurance has just been stopped. If it wasn’t for the wife, I would be on the streets and I wouldn’t get thousands of dollars to turn up somewhere just to drink my heart out.

Not only do they praise these folk who have repeatedly broken the law, they then have these endless award shows that they won’t go to unless there is a goody bag with very expensive gifts. There, you will find the semi and sometimes fully recovered telling the world that they never had a problem, they were just persecuted by law enforcement just for being famous and that they fully deserved the award they are getting for everything they have been through.

The latest thing is that after completing a movie for which they’ve been paid millions, they then declare they need a break as they are totally exhausted from having to actually do something. So off they go to the beach for five or six weeks, in full sight of the cameras who they knew would be there to capture their ‘private’ moments. In the music industry, it seems the more drugs you’ve taken, or hotel rooms destroyed, or people you’ve slept with, the better. You’re almost certain to get an award, and you can still dress like you’re an idiot into your seventies.

Mind you, politicians are the same. The rules that we have to abide to don’t apply to them. It must be really nice to be able to vote on your own pay hike, vacation time, health benefits, pensions, expenses etc. Businesses fall over themselves to hand over millions of dollars to them, and yet despite all of this money, they demand hundreds of volunteers to get them re-elected. Sure, they can’t go public with drug use, but cheating is the norm it seems, and being a hypocrite is absolutely vital.

As I said, I really should have learned to act or become a musician who get into movies as an untrained actor and win oscars. Or, I should have learned how to publicly lie and gone into politics, whose biggest lie is telling everyone daft enough to listen that they are public servants.

I write novels that are public lies. One day I may well earn a lot of money, but writing doesn’t generally do that for you. I could even make money from using drugs and writing about it, but I don’t have any money at the moment to buy any. Maybe I will get famous although ET doesn’t show writers on a red carpet or interview them unless it’s a blue moon. I promise you this though. I will still be scornful of a part of the entertainment industry and politicians as a whole.

Now, where is my goody bag?


About petercbradbury

I am a former Butler from Manchester, England and now living in California with my wife Debbie and dog Niner. Now writing novels part time, my main concern is making my books enjoyable and entertaining.
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One Response to Entertainment Industry and Politicians

  1. jason says:

    Jason likes this and your day is coming for your goodie bag. Your hard work will pay off keep up the good work.

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