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Rio Vista CA

Rio Vista is a small town on the Sacramento River, it has some great old houses, a bass fishing contest every year, windmills everywhere you look, and is a big truck route from I80 to I5. I live in the … Continue reading

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I hate diets. Finding myself heavier than I have ever been, clothing not fitting anymore and shirts bursting their seams, I know I have to do something as I hate being fat and really dislike buying yet more clothing. Then … Continue reading

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Tornadoes, new book, Consequences, being in the fifties.

So sad the news coming from Oklahoma, and the same town experienced the same thing around fourteen years ago. I used to live in Dallas, not that far down the I35 from there, and I remember vividly the tornado warnings … Continue reading

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My new novel will be available very soon.

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Sometimes I’m asked what I miss about England. So let me think. Arriving at the train station and walking down Warwick Rd. on match day. Going to the chippy and getting fish, chips, peas and gravy. Yes, gravy. I’m very … Continue reading

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Consequences new cover – to be published soon

Bullies need to pay the consequences of their actions. Consequences is one man’s answer to his demons.

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Peter C. Bradbury in the library

If you want to get ahead, get a hat!

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The last three reviews for Stonebridge Manor. All unsolicited.

5.0 out of 5 stars Exciting read…, April 26, 2013 By  SC “SC” – See all my reviews   Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?) This review is from: Stonebridge Manor (Kindle Edition) Well written storyline, wonderfully created characters, and some twists and turns make this a … Continue reading

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