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In a matter of days, I will have a new cover and new formatting for my murder mystery, “STONEBRIDGE MANOR.” Once that has been done for Kindle and for Smashwords Premium, I will be taking the paperback version off Amazon to re-do the formatting that I have never been able to get right.

“CONSEQUENCES,” is now back in my hands, and I now need to find another cover and have it edited again before I can put it out for sale.

“PROSPECTS” too should be out again soon, once I receive the flash drive back that I mistakenly sent to someone thinking it would be re-published. It didn’t happen, it wasn’t even looked at, so now that is also back in my hands once I get the drive back.

I am now going over “THE INNOCENT CHILDREN,” a harrowing tale of human trafficking and the children it greatly affects. I hope to have it ready very soon.

As you see, I have a great deal of work to do and the main thing that has suffered is my re-tweeting. I just can’t devote the time to do it when I am also working on these four books, and I’m sure you all understand.

So I’m back being a fully fledged Indie Author, with a lot of work to do, and even my new book is having to take a back seat to everything.


About petercbradbury

I am a former Butler from Manchester, England and now living in California with my wife Debbie and dog Niner. Now writing novels part time, my main concern is making my books enjoyable and entertaining.
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